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Hands are messengers
That carry a song
And through the vibrations
Revealed codes embedded all along

It said:
Renegade member of the family of light
You are awake now;
Its time to take flight

You've asked for this assignment
And you are on call
To unite the twelve libraries
For the sake of all

Deliver your taproot
Like a serpent from its cave
And there lies her records
To be read by those who are brave

You come from your future
Through this melody we declare
We've come back to change the past
And save humanity from despair

Open up those ancient eyes
And you'll have access
To her mysterious cries

There are blueprints of consciousness
Stored within all beings
Your pulse carries symbols
Shared amongst other starseeds

Together we are strongWe must mark planet EarthCrimson energy so sacredKeys to the goddess's rebirth

We're here to help the transit
From the third to the fourth
Uplifting cosmic energy
To the vibration of Source

Spreading love and healing
Amongst this earthly plane
Announcing, "she is back!
The goddess lives again!"

Wake up Earth humanity!
We've been asleep for too long
Who will join me
In singing this song?

I turn to those
Who are awake to the call
Summertime will pass;
Soon will come fall.

Yes, I heard the message
And it said to me in song
Hurry up! Take this knowledge
And pass it along!

You have talents and gifts
Capable of healing the earth
And wisdom to teach
This free-will universe!

I call out to my tribe,
Please make yourself known!
This mission is urgent
and can’t be fought alone.

To what tune will you dance,
Fellow bringers of light?
It’s time to reclaim our power,
our birthright.

my moon skin finds itself

drawn to your summer shoulder bones particularly at dawn

when the sun rises like water

and bathes you like dusty rain

your hands, a cup of tea

to warm my cold heart


-Author Unknown

There is an ancient rhythm

that flows through all things.

Through rocky spires and ocean swell. 

The endless stillness of green.

And in the rest of the depth of human heart, the voice of the wild within...

Four Teachers


1. sagittarius you sought refuge in my eyes i was glad to oblige you saved me too, you know when my eyes turned into weeping churches you helped me not take myself so seriously praised me, flawed goddess we shared your golden, teenage throne you initiated me into love so seamlessly as you slipped your hand into mine and told me not to fear paradise as you yourself were trembling like hibiscus in the breeze


2.aries you were all body all body all body flesh, aggressive walking sex "put your boxing gloves on and fight" you protected me with small, hot touch affectionate words, but i also knew the other side- the brutal ways, my heart a purple, oozing mass


3. pisces you belong to everyone like air eyes like warm bathwater every college age girl wanted to sleep inside each thick, gorgeous wrinkle on your face sometimes to commune with the stars you had to take your distance and my bones felt Cold and dismissed i craved flesh but that is not the union you sought with me you are a pilot light: get the lantern going then leave. "girl, you can generate your own gasoline"


4. virgo truth is truth so exact and absolute through the years i've seen the lines gather around your face like eager children at the library for storytelling joyous creases and worried meandering rivulets my energy and cravings can tire and frustrate you the dishes were not soaked again somebody left the hose running but always i returned to your eyes peering out at me at the first sign in the shift of light when the moon hands the sun a baton and says "Run Run i'll see you soon and again."

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.

Come, yet again , come , come.”


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